Welcome to the all-new UC Summit

Welcome to the all-new UC Summit

Today, we’re launching a new virtual event experience – UC Summit is no longer just an event, it’s a platform.

We launched our debut UC Today virtual conference and expo in January of this year (2020). Our event occurred long before virtual experiences were the next big thing. Now, we’re taking that innovation to the next level.

Our virtual event and expo platform is now a complete platform for virtual events. We’ll be hosting our next annual conference and expo on this platform. However, we’re also offering access to vendor-hosted events and events organised by the UC Today news team here too!

Attending our events is free for everyone. Just register to access the platform, and you can visit any digital experience you choose. Check what’s on at UC Summit.

What’s New for Attendees?

  • UC Summit is no longer a single event, it’s a platform, a virtual venue for events
  • Attendees register once for the platform access (free to everyone) and then can quickly register for the events that are live or coming soon
  • A whole new user experience (UX) update has been applied to the logged-out and logged-in experience. New designs, more interactive features and much easier on the eye
  • We’ve gone for a ‘Netflix style’ layout at the front-end which allows visitors to browse events, keynotes, conference sessions and speakers
  • Once an attendee logs in, they’ll see a variety of virtual event experiences from small single and multi-day events, to much larger multi-room conferences and expos
  • We have introduced a virtual networking lounge to help attendees connect with each other

What’s New for Exhibitors?

  • Most importantly, we’ve built the platform for both end-customer and channel targeted events
  • Host your own event or join one of ours
  • You can now host a single day event or a multi-day event
  • We now offer single room events or multi-room experiences which help drive interaction and engagement
  • Exhibitors get a fully branded registration experience with custom registration fields
  • Bring your own content or we’ll help you create it
  • Virtual Event Manager included with every event
  • Setup is super fast, you can be up and running quickly without the headache of conventional events

Our team is continuously working hard to give you the website that you deserve, so be sure to check back for regular updates.

If you’re interested in exhibiting, request our media kit here.

If you spot a gap, a blunder, or something we’ve missed, we’d love you to reach out and let us know.

Chris Porter

Commercial Director, UC Summit


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