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Welcome to another Unified Communications, Collaboration & CX Tech News roundup hosted by Isabel Blakemore, Presenter & Tech Journalist here at UC Today.



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Twilio says AI and Automation will Dominate 2020

To start the new year, we had a fantastic conversation with the Principal Product Manager of AI and Machine Learning at Twilio, Jay Gurudevan. He told us that he and his team believe that artificial intelligence, automation, and other intelligent tools will be crucial to businesses of all sizes in 2020. With the rise of everything from smart contact centres to virtual assistants in 2019, it seems likely that we’ll see an increasing integration between bots and people this year.

Jay noted that as brands continue to strive to provide customers with the best possible experiences, AI and automation will be the only way to reliably meet the demands of evolving consumers.

A Decade of Disruption: Work Communications in 2020

If you missed our founder, Rob Scott’s commentary on the changing nature of work communications just before Christmas 2019, then it’s definitely worth giving it a read in time for the new year. In this article, Rob discusses the evolution of communication in the current landscape, and the rising demand for tools like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and virtual assistants.

Rob also gave his input on some of the other trending topics in the communication space, such as APIs and CPaaS technology, and the changes that 5G could bring to the way that we stay connected via mobile devices. Check out the full story here.

What is SIP? Demystifying the Protocol

These days, the term “SIP” seems to appear in virtually every discussion about unified communications. However, while many people have seen the phrase “Session Initiation Protocol” before, there’s still a great deal of confusion about this technology, and what it can do. Just like other complicated terms like CPaaS, and PSTN, it’s easy to get confused by acronyms like SIP.

Fortunately, in this in-depth article, you can find out everything you need to know about what SIP does for your communication stack. Click here to update your knowledge on SIP technology for 2020.

Rooms as a Service Launched by Lifesize

The growing popularity of “as a service” technologies have changed the way that companies invest in everything from unified communication tools to meeting software. As-a-service offerings allow businesses of every size to access the technology that they need, without breaking their budgets. Now, leading collaboration and meeting productivity solution provider, Lifesize, is introducing a new concept: “Rooms-as-a-Service.” Via Rooms-as-a-Service, customers throughout the US and Europe can instantly deploy state-of-the-art video conferencing tools into their meeting rooms.

For as little as $99 per room, per month, you can build your whole meeting room solution with Lifesize, including everything from cloud communication services, to meeting room hardware, maintenance, and professional support. Lifesize Chief Operating Officer, Michael Helmbrecht, got us up to date on what the solution has to offer. Click here to find out more.

Are You Ready for 5G?

We’re sure to see the arrival of plenty of new and exciting technology as we move into 2020. AI voice, IoT, and various other tools have been gaining speed throughout 2019 and will continue to develop more traction this year. Additionally, 2020 is set to be the year when concepts like 5G become more accessible to the global market.

The next generation of mobile connectivity will open the door to endless opportunities in the communication and collaboration space. With 5G, you can access 4K video conferencing in real-time, upload enormous files in seconds, and eliminate the latency of your everyday conversations. Here’s your guide to preparing for the 5G revolution.

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