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Building a £1bn Business Through M&A

Matthew Riley has one of the most impressive channel stories around. Spanning a 20-year period, Riley has taken Daisy Group and its associated businesses from a standing start to a billion pound plus valuation.  

With 60 acquisitions under his belt, it is safe to say Matthew Riley has learnt a thing or two over his career. In this exclusive interview Riley will share his journey and talk about what it is like to be an acquirer in the current landscape. 

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Matt Riley
Matthew Riley Founder and Chairman , Daisy Group

Matthew Riley is a successful, award-winning serial entrepreneur with a strong track record in delivering consistent growth for market-leading organisations across a range of sectors. Matthew ardently supports British enterprise, entrepreneurship and start-ups, and as a Fellow of The Prince’s Trust and Chairman of software-based career platform U-Explore, he is also dedicated to the provision of practical career guidance to young adults. 

Matthew established the Daisy Group in 2001, which is today the largest independent provider of IT, communications and cloud services to UK businesses. 

In 2015, Matthew introduced an opportunity to Oakley Capital Private Equity and they jointly bought communications provider Damovo Europe, whose capabilities span 150 countries, where Matthew was executive Chairman until July 2018 when Damovo was successfully sold to Eli Global. Damovo UK became part of the Daisy Group through acquisition. He continues to be Chairman and Strategic Lead of the Daisy Group.

Matthew is also Chairman and Founder of Digital Wholesale Solutions (DWS) which was established in 2006 to better serve the needs of direct customers and indirect partners.

Allvotec, of which Matthew is also Chairman, separated from the Daisy Group in 2018. Allvotec partners with the world’s leading services businesses to deliver and support end-to-end technology and communications solutions.

Matthew was also a non-executive of global media company Time Out Group and Chairman of their Audit and Remuneration Committees up until 2021. 

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