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How Virtual Events are a Significant Step Up from Webinars

How Virtual Events are a Significant Step Up from Webinars

Nobody knows what the “new normal” is going to look like, but what is clear is that it will be a while before life goes back to how we used to know it.

While this is not a great state of affairs for anyone, there is little point moaning about it and wishing that everything would go magically back to pre-pandemic times.

It is time to brush ourselves down and face up to this new reality and to see it as an opportunity rather than some insurmountable hurdle.

More and more of how we interact is going to be done online and at a distance, which is particularly true for business.

Slack, Skype, and all of the other tools we used before will take on even greater importance. And our interactions with new technologies will need to be scaled up too.

Beyond webinars

In recent years, the popularity of webinars has skyrocketed. Almost all of us will have attended one at some point, and there is no denying that they can be a handy tool.

The live webinar format is a great way to get closer to a topic that you are interested in, and they are often delivered by top professionals in their respective industries.

The DIY nature of many of them can often be a little off-putting. Odd camera angles and dodgy sound quality are sometimes an issue. Still, the ability to interact and ask questions via chat adds an extra layer of value. At least it does if your question gets answered.

Webinars have certainly been a welcome addition to our working lives. Virtual events can take this kind of experience to a whole new level of interaction and insight.

Almost like the real thing

Webinars may very well form a part of a virtual event, but there is the possibility for there to be so much more going on besides.

Virtual events can offer attendees all of the advantages of a live event, without the hassle of the physical bottlenecks that the organisation of a live event can entail.

From live-networking to multi-use event space, 24-hour access to full social media integration, virtual events will never deliver the face-to-face factor that we are so used to, but this is all part of the evolution that we will soon accept as the new normal.

And the new normal that virtual events offer is one that is more cost-effective, time-effective, and globally inclusive.

A large-scale virtual event will involve costs and a not-insignificant amount of time putting everything in place correctly. However, it will still be significantly cheaper and less time consuming than its real-world equivalent.

The enhanced inclusiveness of a virtual event is also a huge bonus. Webinars have already given people worldwide access to live-talks that they would not have been able to attend before. A virtual event takes this to a whole new level by delivering a genuinely global occasion.

Webinars have laid out the template that proves virtual interactions can be almost as good as the real thing. But with the capacity to offer so much more than a webinar’s simple presentation format, virtual events are all set to revolutionise the way we do business.


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