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The Power of AI in Audio

AI is quickly changing the way we live. We have seen it moving into our daily lives. Take, for example, personal assistants that, by using machine learning and AI, can predict our actions and get smarter by doing so. It is no surprise that we can observe the same developments at work, especially as we become more mobile, versatile, and flexible. In this presentation, Jeffrey Saunders and Jesper Kock will talk about the new way of working and how technology can empower us to be more efficient and collaborate in a better way.

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Jeffrey Saunders CEO, Nordic Foresight

Jeffrey Saunders is an expert in strategic futures studies and foresight with 18 years of experience in the foresight space.

He is CEO of Nordic Foresight and Associated Partner, Behavioural Strategy. He formerly served as Director, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Chief Consultant and Head of SIGNAL Arkitekters Workplace Analytics team, and as an advisor at the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Stability Operations.

He has both strategic and practical experience in helping organizations translate strategic ambitions into workplace strategies.

He has authored many studies and articles on the future of work and the workplace for organizations around the world. The latest study is coming out at the end of September 2020 for the International Facility Management Association, The Expert Assessment: New Ways of Working Post-COVID-19.

Jesper Kock Vice President, Research & Development, EPOS

As Vice President of R&D and part of the senior management team, Jesper is responsible for ensuring technological synergies are leveraged through strategic partnerships and new market and technology trends are addressed accordingly. He is also responsible for keeping the R&D organisation lean and efficient while growing new segments and headcounts. He has been Vice President of R&D for more than six years.

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