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How to Match Business Requirements to the Right Teams Voice Solution

Perhaps the most complicated part of deploying Teams Voice is extracting the business requirements from the right organisation stakeholders and matching them to the most appropriate calling solution for them.  

Some might be clear cut, simple dial tone requirements, while others have multiple layers of integration with different business units over many timezones  

In this session we look at the building blocks of successful business profiling and understand the critical importance of feature mapping and pressure testing before implementation.

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Torren Manson Principal Consultant, MCM

I’m a Principal Consultant for Microsoft Teams as well as the supporting Microsoft 365 functions. The world of Teams voice, emergency calling, and network/security prerequisites is my main focus. I’m a founder/coordinator/presenter at the British Columbia Unified Communications User Group, and I’ve presented at numerous user groups and conferences. I have a BSc in Computer Science and Earth Observational Science from Royal Roads Military College, and I’m an MCM for SfB, Teams MVP, CISSP and CCNP. I live in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, with my wife, kids, and too many cats.

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