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A New Era in Customer Experience

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CX Today Launch
CX Today - A New Era in Customer Experience

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To celebrate the launch of our new dedicated CX technology news publication, CX Today is rounding the industry’s leading brands to share their insights about how organizations deliver winning customer experience in 2021. 

Register for this event and discover the top trends in the customer experience space, delivered by key industry players, such as Selfridges, Odigo, Avaya and more…  

2 Day Event

Focus Topics

  • Top Five Success Factors
  • Earning Customers in 2021
  • CX in Hybrid Working Environments
  • Hyper-personalization
  • Microsoft Teams Contact Centres
  • CX Channel Opportunities


Hear from experts in the CX industry

Live at 11:00 AM, 18th Mar - Register

The Power of AI

Live at 10:30 AM, 18th Mar - Register

Delivering Great CX in Hybrid Working Environments

Live at 10:00 AM, 18th Mar - Register

Building a Contact Centre with Microsoft Teams

Live at 11:00 AM, 17th Mar - Register

Creating Hyper-Personalised Experiences

Live at 11:30 AM, 17th Mar - Register

Delivering CX through the Channel in 2021

Live at 10:00 AM, 17th Mar - Register

Top 5 Success Factors for Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Live at 10:30 AM, 17th Mar - Register

Earning Customers in 2021


You're set to go! We hope you enjoy our UC Summit experience 👍

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