For decades, businesses have envisioned the possibilities of true unified communications.

Since it first arrived on the market, the concept of UC has promised us simple, seamless, and streamlined interactions, aligned within a single-pane of glass user experience. Up until recently, vendors have struggled to embrace the true potential of “unified” communications in UC. Vendor lock-in, limited integrations, and even restricted functionality have left business leaders dreaming of something better.

Now, in 2020, the potential of genuine UC is on its way to being fully realised.

Consumerisation, the expanding maturity of the SaaS market, and the emergence of artificial intelligence have all opened new doors to communication at the next level.

The future is here.

Communication Reimagined

Technology has finally caught up with what we imagined all those years ago when the term "unified communications" was first coined.

We're no longer limited by expensive video systems, complicated provisioning cycles or stunted collaboration. Instead, everything we need is accessible, available, and increasingly open.

The cloud isn’t just a deployment model anymore; it’s an ecosystem for innovation and differentiation. With it, we’ve discovered the opportunities of anywhere working, seamless customer interactions, and hyper-productivity.

Cloud delivered applications are introducing a new era of team and user experiences, and cognitive collaboration is set to change the way we work together. Human to human, human to machine, and machine to device interactions are evolving, and our digital twins are about to be born.

All the while, artificial intelligence lingers in the background, growing smarter and more intuitive. Machine learning paves the way to revolutionary customer experiences, while conversational interfaces and omnichannel offerings give us more freedom in how we interact. Everywhere we go, communication is becoming more digital, and more frictionless..

Our Mission

We aim to create a world-leading summit, showcasing industry innovation and the latest technology trends.

This will be the most inclusive UC event ever built, designed to connect technology leaders from across the globe in a world-wide exploration of the always-on ecosystem. Here you’ll find:

  • Professional development opportunities with actionable insights from industry leaders
  • Overviews and granular discoveries of marketplace trends
  • Memorable opportunities to network with peers
  • Endless exhibitions displaying the leading tools in the current market

We want our attendees and exhibitors to have an experience they’ll remember for years to come.